Da Vinci Meets Tesla. Your Garage...

Unleash The Creator & Inventor In You

Turn Your Dreams To Reality In Minutes

If you ever had ideas and others are beating you to it. If you ever tried to do it alone, and it’s taking forever. If you ever dreamt of creating great value from your ideas. Welcome to IDEEZA–The world’s first revolutionary tool. Specially designed to turn your dreams into reality.

Turn Your Products into NFTs And Sell It

Today’s NFTs have fewer options because most are images. IDEEZA gives you more options as an NFT owner. Sell physical rights to your NFTs for buyers to manufacture. Sell virtual NFT rights for buyers to use in the metaverse. Or sell and transfer your Main NFT rights for a fortune.

Has it happened to you to have an idea that was so great that you tried to develop it(realize)? How did it go? What was your goal?

What do you think of a platform where you can write down your idea and get back automatically both: an NFT to sale with the product’s blueprint files, and the contact with manufacturers so you can produce it?

Whould you like to try it? and join our initial exclusive user group?